Whether you’re new to contracting / freelancing or are looking to switch from another umbrella solution, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable service provided by our team of contracting experts when you join with us.

How do umbrella companies work?

In the UK, an umbrella company directly employs contractors and freelancers who work. Generally, an umbrella company's services are administrative and accountancy-based - such as managing timesheets, calculating PAYE tax and NI contributions, invoicing the client, collecting monies and paying the contractors and freelancers.

Why choose an umbrella company?

An umbrella service gives you legal employee status and handles all the paperwork. It's the simplest solution for most contractors and freelancers, with no unexpected tax bills and because you have one continuous employment it's much easier to secure important things like loans and mortgages too.

How does our umbrella service work?

An umbrella company will employ you under a contract of employment, so whether you carry out one assignment or 100, you will be employed under the same contract. An umbrella company also covers all of the payroll and administration aspects associated with working on temporary assignments, while also providing you with the usual employment benefits.

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